R.W. Infrared Sales Inc. proudly supplies only the very best in Canadian manufactured infrared heating products to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.


All of our products are 100% Canadian made and are backed by a full 3 year warranty.



If you have a garage, workshop, or patio that requires heat, R.W. Infrared has you covered. The Gasmac GarageMac garage/workshop heater is the ultimate in comfortable, efficient, safe, and affordable heat for your garage or workshop space. For your patios, we offer the unmatched, commercial quality Patio Plus and Equator model patio heaters.



For industrial applications, we can provide the heavy duty Gasmac low intensity infrared radiant tube heaters and the Gasmac high intensity infrared heater. The applications are endless - warehouses, production facilities, aircraft hangers, carwashes, agricultural buildings, auto shops, government facilities, arenas - we can provide simple, reliable, cost efficient heat almost anywhere.


Radiant heat makes good business sense - with fuel savings of up to 50% over traditional forced air systems, you can enjoy a quick return on your investment and further fuel cost savings for years to come.



With our Gasmac radiant tube heaters, we are able to provide a cost effective solution to business owners. If you need to provide an efficient, comfortable heat to a shipping area, a retail space, an entry way, or an entertainment facility, the Gasmac radiant tube heater is the answer.


Restaurant and bar owners can make use of our Patio Plus and Equator model patio heaters. Keep your patrons warm and happy long into the night. These heaters are sturdy, commercial grade products with a full 3 year warranty.